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Chapter of Friendship and Harmony No 1616

In the late 1990's brethren of the Lodge of Friendship & Harmony No. 1616 who were also members of the Royal Arch felt it was time that the Lodge had its own Chapter. W Bro Rodney Leigh-Quine was a great advocate of the Chapter's formation, suggesting it was a fitting celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Lodge.

After a long period of preparation the Chapter of Friendship & Harmony No. 1616 was consecrated at Croydon and District Masonic Hall on the 29th January 2003.

The Excellent Superintendent E. Comp Lt Col D A M Phipps, MBE assisted by Provincial Officers consecrated the Chapter and the Deputy Grand Superintendent E. Comp E. Stuart - Bamford, PGSwdB installed the Principals.

friendship harmony chapter
  Friendship and Harmony Chapter No 1616  

Front Row
  Left to Right 1st E. Stuart-Bamford, 2nd R.P.McN Thomson, 3rd D.W.R. Gibbins, 4th R. Leigh-Quine  5th D.A.M.Phipps, 6th D.H.P. Panton, 7th J.C. Anderson, 8th D.H. Mingo, 9th D.R.W. May

Back Row
Left to Right 1st R. Low, 2nd R.J. Knox, 3rd A.P.Van-Wijk, 4th C.J.Hoad, 5th K.B.Deadman-Nicholls, 6th J.E.Gregson, 7th D.J.Ismay, 8th R.A.Broers, 9th M.G.Neale, 10th D.A.Harrington, 11th R.N. Baker, 12th W.Barclay, 13th C.Jones, 14th D.J. Wills 

Primus MEZ: E. Comp R Leigh-Quine, PGStB
H: E Comp R P McNeilage Thomson, PZ
J: E Comp D H P Panton, PAGDC, LGCR

The following Officers were elected in accordance with Regulations and the declaration of the ballot was announced by the Primus MEZ.

IPZ: E.Comp R E Crockford, PPDepGReg ( Hants and IOW )
Scribe E: Comp B D Evans
Scribe N: Comp D J Ismay, JP
Treasurer: E Comp R A Broers
Director of Ceremonies: Comp M G Neale
Principal Sojourner: Comp C J H Hoad
1st Assistant Sojourner: Comp A P van Wijk
2nd Assistant Sojourner: Comp K B Deadman-Nicholls
Assistant Director of Ceremonies: Comp W Ismay
Steward: Comp H Leech
Janitor: Comp J E H Gregson, TD

Comp Derrick Ismay was requested by the MEZ to remain as acting Scribe E in the absence of Comp Brian Evans and thanked for his services as Organising Scribe over the past two and a half years.

The Chapter of Friendship and Harmony No. 1616 meets 3 time a year at the Godalming Masonic Centre.

The Chapter welcomes new members to the Chapter; should you wish to visit the the Chapter - please contact E. Comp. Derrick Ismay; Tel 01730 892249 Email

Lodge Meeting Dates

  • The second Thursday of February
  • The second Thursday of May
  • The second Thursday of June (Installation Meeting)
  • The second Thursday of October

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